Chaotic sounds of jazz on the streets of the Bronx, Whiskey-Cola in the night bars of Manhattan, Staten island drowning in lush greenery, restless Queens — all these areas embody the aesthetics of noisy "Greater New York". All is mixed up in the Big Apple: cultures, traditions, expectations, music, art. But it is this aesthetic dissonance that makes New York what it is — free, wild, expressive, but so desired and unique city.

Wallpaper collection District is emotional, contrasting and dynamic, it is represented by rich black and brown shades, as well as by a calmer muted beige and grey color scheme — for those who prefer more neutral colors which don't distract from furniture and decor. District will be a stylish accent in loft and minimalistic interiors. An excellent pair to the active motif of the collection is a laconic matte background, which together will create a solid image of the interior.