Graceful, expressive pa and fouet, pirouettes full of feelings and aesthetics. The incomparable grace and weightlessness of movements. Smooth and clear bends of the hands, smoothness and shine of the hairstyles removed for the dance. The romanticism of ballet tutus and satin pointe with narrow ribbons — all this is about the mystery of ballet, about the magic of verified movements in the brilliance of spotlights on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater with the Tchaikovsky’s music.

The Fouetté collection of paintings is inspired by the atmosphere of classical ballet. The motif and background of the collection imitate the splendor of the air folds of tulle tutu ballet. Elegant and concise, but at the same time, an expressive floral pattern of motive, barely touching the harvested basis, gives an expressive femininity and tenderness to the collection.