The twist, a dynamic and catchy dance of the rock and roll era, captivated everyone — from visitors to bars and discos, to actress Greta Garbo and the first lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy. This easy-to-dance dance has no clear rules: the main thing is to rotate with a foot standing on a foot or on the heel and have fun!

The inspiration of the collection is the energy and dynamics of the dance, this is freedom, the absence of rules. «Twist» is a collection for the daring and courageous, it is playful and dynamic, but in its own way concise. The background and motive are quite active in the collection: the circles are made with voluminous thin lines and formed into a dense ornament. The basis of the collection resembles the texture of textiles, and the soft weightless glitter on the canvases under any lighting will add a gentle glow to the interior.