We have realized a problem
Experience in working with partners shows that people encounter certain difficulties by the development of business facilities inevitably: How to ensure that the presentation of wallpapers in the shop looks available for buyers as widely as possible? How to show everything in stock and not to make the room look cluttered-up? How to maintain omni-channeling of all the presented materials and communication routes using the available equipment? How to attract more buyers and make them come back for shopping?
We have found a solution
In cooperation with one of the top design bureaus, Euro Decor company has developed a concept called «ED SHOP» — it is an all-purpose modular set of retail equipment to sell wallpapers. Its main task is to look aesthetic, concise, to be simple and understandable both for salesmen and buyers, regardless of its geolocation (may it be a shop in Makhachkala, Yakutsk or Pskov), of the occupied area and collections’ availability on the shelves. Given that the concept is consistent and easy to use and it sorts out all the above-mentioned problems related to the development of business facilities and goods arrangements therein, Euro Decor company has obtained product certification for its construct. The concept has been implemented successfully, and nowadays it is being prepared for introduction in the shops of our partners.
Obvious advantages
The all-purpose modular set of retail equipment is basically 5 types of equipment (a rack, a metal framework, a cabinet, PVC-panels and a mounting bracket) that can be combined in many ways. Therefore, as well as being aesthetically appealing, the equipment has also other obvious advantages: maximum ease of installation, simplicity of exhibitions changeover, as well as providing the opportunity to clear some space in storage facilities of our partners, because a part of stocks will be placed on the equipment shelves. We are satisfied with the work accomplished and we hope that we’ll improve ourselves later on down the line.