Trends: Eco and Mindfullness
The idea of the trend is to seek connections with nature. That is, the central component of eco-design is plants and natural organic materials: wooden floors, stone, plenty of daylight, textiles and wall decor with floral motifs. Fresh flowers give a feeling of closeness to nature, purify the air and create a healthy microclimate. The desire to create a green oasis at home encourages the use of moss, large living plants. They are echoed by tropical prints. In the fast-paced world of an always-on culture, we see people struggling to find ways to disconnect. In 2020, increasingly dense urban environments continue to push the rental prices up, while the square footage of the newly built apartments continues to shrink. But while the space might be at a premium, the importance of creating a properly balanced home sanctuary inflates.
Trends: Bold Patterns, colors, shapes and Abstract Techno
Bold combinations of decorative abstract motifs with bright, flashy shades. A crazy provocative mix of faux fur, metallized surfaces, glass, animal prints. The more emphasis the better, it is impossible to make a mistake. In the interior, shapes and color palettes are played out with irony and acquire a surreal note. The combination of matte and glossy textures, abstract shapes and patterns make you think in images and invent your own stories. The potential of virtual and augmented reality blurs the line between illusion and the present. Flickering, mother-of-pearl surfaces, mirror shine, combinations of light pastel shades add dynamism to the design. Moire and wavy patterns simulate the interaction between digital and analog spaces.
The desire to experiment with bright, viscous shades and more complex color combinations replaces the long-term trends with the predominance of all pink shades. The pink color turns into terracotta, sienna, baked orange, burgundy, dark red, scarlet, reddish brown and soft red with a light yellow glow. New shades of red are both in the decor elements — textiles, accessories, and in the basis of the decor of walls and furniture. The trend is a mix of red in different shades within the same space, slightly flavored with orange, mint, pink and yellow shades, as well as warm metallic and pastel neutral shades.