What’s inside?
The idea to implement a beautiful and convenient wallpaper store originated with us a long time ago. The first step to this was the developed set of modular equipment ED Shop, which makes the presentation of wallpaper in the store looks as accessible as possible for the buyer. The store turned out to be as interactive as possible: all collections are grouped by style, it is convenient to combine them with each other, carry out fitting and relax in the lounge area, and large wallpaper stickers allow seeing how they will look on the wall in a real interior. The store inside is aesthetically beautiful and cosy, you don’t want to leave it without purchases.
Ready-made solutions for the home
Admit it, when the arrangement of the space is finished, the wallpaper is pasted and you are almost at the finish line to make the house feel really «at home», it happens that you do not have a kind of «cherry on the cake» in the form of nice little things for decoration or suitable for the style of the interior textiles. And here we also have thought out how to save customers from the torment of choosing sofa cushions to match the wallpaper and pouffes. Voila! — we present complete sets of ready-made solutions from furniture, textiles and home decor. Thus, in addition to your favorite wallpaper for your space, you can also buy your favorite decor here.
We thank the Murmansk Wallpaper Center for the opportunity to implement our plans and wish it good sales. We invite customers to our brand store for wallpaper and ready-made solutions for the home, because updating the interior is always a good idea!