Vigbo — what is it?
Every month Vigbo (Russian-language resource for creating a personal website) forms a selection of the best sites of the month created on Vigbo resource.
One of the best in March
Website was among the top sites in March. The content of the site is different from the magazine itself. On the site you can: read the magazine, buy it, learn the news, listen to White playlists.
Home is better
White is the perfect partner for home pastime. We are a large company, and we create cool wallpaper, but it is a project like White that helps us broadcast our mission more clearly. "Home is where we are", "It's better at home" — all this is not only about wallpaper, but also about self-expression and feeling at home. There's no secret that in Russia range of items for decoration and interior manufactured in Russia is not so wide. In the magazine we create nice-looking content and attract other Russian (and not only) brands of home decor, artists, authors, bloggers to work on each issue. We write about conscious, aesthetic lifestyle and masterfully combine information about wallpaper, furniture, art, music, textiles and decor. Besides, almost all this is produced in Russia. White is a unique project, it's altruistic and pursuing high goal — development of the culture of living at home, because #homeisbetter